True North Young Adult Services provides a safe environment where young adults who have experienced the foster care system or have been affected by abuse, neglect, or homelessness are accepted for who they are, where they come from, and where they are going.  Our supportive community provides secure and affordable housing, scholarship support, workshops and one-on-one coaching that develop fundamental life skills, and an accepting and fun community.  Our intention is that each participant in our program develops a clear vision for their purpose in life, and learns how to provide for themselves so they can flourish independently.  

Our operations are funded by business partners who support our mission to advocate for, educate, and support our community, which means that every dollar donated to our 501(c)3 directly provides services and support to our young adults.


We empower young adults along the Front Range to make the transition from surviving to thriving, to be self-sufficient, and to be positive contributors in their community. Using a peer support model, we provide structure to help them set their own goals and help each individual to choose their path and to make conscious decisions to break unhealthy family cycles. We are a change agent, rallying our community to offer the opportunity for our vulnerable young adults to create their own narrative.


Polaris House at   True North

Our values guide what we do as an organization, and how we make decisions.


EMPOWERMENT: We illuminate the variety of potential paths forward, allowing our young adults to discover their individual opinions, beliefs and feelings. We provide our young adults the space and tools to advocate for their own needs and wants, and the encouragement and support to take the next steps as they choose. 

COMMUNITY: We are surrounded by an inclusive, caring, loving community, and we are all in this together. We foster education, growth, collaboration and engagement among our peers, local businesses, and neighbors.

RESPECT: We cultivate an accepting and non-judgemental environment of open communication, practicing kindness and appreciation even when we don’t share similar beliefs and values. We practice integrity, and work to build and maintain trusting relationships, individually as well as within our community of business partners. 

WHOLENESS: We offer our community a place to rest in their authentic selves, wherever they are in life, as they seek physical, emotional, spiritual and mental growth.

JOY: We believe life can be a lighthearted adventure, we embody playfulness and curiosity, and provide a place where you can let your guard down and embrace your true self.



Realities for Children Boulder County Board Members


Tim Beal
Brent Barstad
Eric Schulz
Maria Sibley
Merix Gustin
Mike Faulhaber
Dan Schultz
Dianna Rands

Wendy Sarazen-Faulhaber, Programs Director


Wendy joined True North YAS formerly RFC as the Programs Director at the beginning of 2020.  She has worked in the public education system,  youth ministries, and most recently was a Case Manager for the Department of Human Services.  She currently runs a life coaching business, Keep Swimming, LLC, in addition to working with True North.  Wendy has a passion for working with those whom society has placed in the margins.  She enjoys getting to know them, listening to their stories, sharing her own, and doing what she can to Motivate, Educate and Inspire others into becoming the best version of who they have been uniquely designed to be.  Wendy enjoys walking alongside people as they discover who they are and what they want out of this beautiful journey we call life!  This aligns with True North’s Mission to guide and support young adults who come from a background of abuse and neglect, or have spent time in the Foster Care System.  She’s married and has 5 children. She loves family time, laughing, being outdoors, doing home projects, serving others, eating out and spending time with friends.

Contact Wendy: wendy@truenorthyas.org




  • Triumph Scholarship Fund – Providing educational scholarships for college and vo-tech schools.

  • Four-year degree scholarships to CU – In collaboration with the CU Guardians Scholars Program and corporate sponsors, we provide four year scholarships to youth who have aged out of foster care.

  • Transitional housing – Designed for youth who have aged out of foster care who are attending college or vo-tech school.

  • Nonprofit agency support – We provide assistance to local nonprofits serving at-risk Boulder County youth.

Hayley Houk, Business Development Director

Hayley has a fierce passion for working with foster youth of all ages, and has always strived to be a positive mentor and representative for youth in foster care. With her own experience in the foster care system, she has utilized a unique skill and a profound amount of empathy and compassion for others who struggle with normalcy.

Hayley has devoted her college career to study psychology and sociology so that she can use her skill set and education to make a huge impact on youth who do not always get a fair shot at life.

Some may recognize Hayley, as she was the award recipient of a Realities for Children CU Scholarship in 2014. Since then, she has maintained contact with True North YAS formerly RFC, speaking at events and getting to know business members. Life truly does come full circle, as she is now the Business Development Director, and gets to utilize her unique skill set in finding incredible businesses to partner with.
Hayley enjoys music, poetry, cooking, copious amounts of coffee and meeting new people, most of which become friends for life!
Contact Hayley: hayley@truenorthyas.org